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Here are our most frequently asked questions and misconceptions.

No we are not. We are a platform for businesses to log in to for the purpose of creating deals with all the features you would expect to see and more. We love daily deal sites – they are a great way of building up customers – but what shall you do once you have them? We hear it all the time – daily deal site customers are a fickle bunch, jumping from business to business chasing the best deals.
We understand how daily deal companies work and we have used them extensively, almost exclusively in other businesses. Just give us a call and we can discuss how this can work for your business.
A good question deserves a good answer. First of all we only work with businesses that have the savvy of capturing customer data, whether it be email address or mobile number.
So, you already send out emails to your customers and you know from experience that the visual aspect of a deal expiring creates an urgency to buy so by creating a deal or “Flash Sale” for a few days you will bring in more sales – more than with just simple text in an email.
We have three different countdowns and lots of additional features to help you sell more. The best part is that each sale goes directly into your own account. Your customers can share the deal with their friends and family with one click bringing in new customers who in turn will join your subscriber list.
Most of our customers send out an email to their lists BEFORE they appear on a daily deal site so that past customers buy from them directly instead of through a daily deal company and paying commissions  PLUS getting paid immediately rather than having to wait 2 or three weeks makes a big difference.
Lets face it – your customers spend money on daily deal sites every day – why should they go to your competition just becuase they are appearing on a daily deal site – they should come back to you, shouldn’t they?
If this did not work daily deal companies would just send out emails. Oh, and one of our features is you can promote more than one deal at a time…up to 300 in fact but most businesses promote three deals at once.
Daily deal companies charge a commission to bring you customers – and they are worth their weight in gold. We love daily deal companies, don’t get us wrong, but sometimes it pays to run your own “Daily Deal” or Flash Sale” to your past customers to keep them coming back or to stop them going to your competition and to generate cash-flow in a short period of time. The bigger your list the more sales you will make. This also works very well if you want to cross promote your other services or if you want to promote your own deals to your own Facebook followers. Some of our clients even use their deal pages in their PPC advertising or paid Facebook marketing.
There are plenty of reason to and not many reasons not to so here goes.
  • Reward Your Customers for Staying on Your List
  • Stop Your Customers From Going Elsewhere
  • Sell End of Product Lines or Harder to Sell Services
  • Bring In Cash Flow in A Short Period
  • Send Out Your Deals To Customers BEFORE You Appear With Your Daily Deal Company – Let’s Face it – Your Customers Are on Their Lists Too. Have Them Buy From You Instead.

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