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Did you know that as a business running campaigns with daily deal sites you an always be much more profitable by following a few simple steps.

Let me briefly explain how and why.

First of all a large portion of your customers subscribe to daily deal sites, your customers are their customers which means that when you run a deal on a daily deal site your customers are tempted to buy it.

So one problem is your existing customers buy your deal from the daily deal company and you pay them a big commission whilst waiting weeks to get paid.

Now, you’ve already invested in acquiring those customers, and you communicate with them through channels like email, texts and social media right?

Well what if you could stop your customers from buying the deal from the daily deal company and instead buying it directly from you, paying no commissions.

Some businesses say that they stipulate that the deal is only good for new customers, really? So if your customers are in the market of buying deals and they can’t buy yours, it’s fair to say they would buy your competitions deal right? And what if someone gifts them your deal?

So the solution would be to get the same deal in front of your customers a few days before you run with your daily deal site to guide those who would be buying your deal to purchase directly from you, paying no commissions  and receiving the money from the sale instantly.

Now what if you asked your customers to share your deal with their friends and family on social media? That would bring in more new customers before your deal ran. How about promoting your deal in your current marketing to steer anyone who would potentially buy your deal through your daily deal partner and getting them to buy from you first.

By the time you run your deal on the daily deal site you would have done everything you could to “weed” out all the sales you would have got from your current client base and their contacts – so all you would be paying the daily deal company for is fresh customers.

Make sense? Now all you need is something easy to use to run your deals.

By using one of these platforms, either or you can create or replicate, manage and run your own deals to your client base without paying any commissions.

Both platforms fit in and compliment your existing marketing whether it be email campaigns, PPC, FB as well as print, radio, mobile and TV with a print ready friendly URL like this (you can click that link)

Inside you’ll find three types of countdowns, being able to collect payments directly, displaying images or video with autoplay, links to your site and social media, re-directs for when the deal has expired, pause and play, stats and conversions, mobile friendly, embedded deals –  just about every feature you could think of and more.

The whole system is designed to help you to sell more in a short period of time and best of all is that we are here every step of the way to help if and when you need it.

To request a demo click here and we will build your deal so you can see how good it looks.

Posted on Apr 7, 2014

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